The Stallion


Source: Claude Colleer Abbott, London Mercury June 1923.



Round by the black barn and the shrunken pond,

Now treading slow, now sidling proudly on,

Through warm air startled by his eager neigh

The Suffolk stallion cleaves his stately way.


His body gleaming firm as moulded bronze,

His feathered fetlocks plumed with silken gold,

His belted tail, thick mane, with ribands blent,

He strides to mate his mares magnificent.


The deep expectant eyes shine mildly bright,

The rich flanks quiver, stiff the great neck curves,

Faster the mighty head throws toss and fling

When stabled hares whinny their welcoming.


With dull and sullen face, thin buskined legs,

Leading his charge in apathy and ease,

A dusty groom plods wearily beside

This majesty of limb, this fruitful pride.