A Song. Imitated from the Midsummer’s Night’s Dream of Shakespeare. Act II. Scene V.


Source: Anonymous (possibly William Collins), Dodsley’s Museum, August 16th 1746.



Lo here, beneath this hallow’d Shade,

   Within a Cowslip’s Blossom deep,

The lovely Queen of Elves is laid,

   May nought disturb her balmy Sleep!


Let not the Snake or baleful Toad

   Approach the silent Mansion near,

Or Newt profane the sweet Abode,

   Or Owl repeat her Orgies here!


No Snail or Worm shall hither come

   With noxious Filth her Bow’r to stain;

Hence be the Beetle’s sullen Hum,

   And the Spider’s disembowl’d Train.


The love-lorn Nightingale alone

   Shall thro’ Titiana’s Arbor stray,

To sooth her Sleep with melting Moan,

   And lull her with his sweetest Lay.