Fragments of poems


Astronomy fragment by Iolo Aneurin Williams (from New Poems 1920?)


Jupiter may be this or that

Of stars that shine in heaven

Neptune a mere hypothesis

And Saturn one of seven


In The Fire fragment by Maurice Hewlett


The fire burns low

Now the dying embers

Twinkle and glow

Like village lights

Seen from the heights

In dark Decembers


One Hard Look fragment by Robert Graves


Small gnats that fly

In hot July

And lodge in sleeping ears,

Can rouse therein

A trumpetís din

With Day of Judgement fears.


Small mice at night

Can wake more fright

Than lions at midday;

A straw will crack

The camelís back Ė

There is no easier way.


The Ballad of Nursery Rhyme fragment by Robert Graves


Strawberries that in gardens grow

Are plump and juicy and fine

But sweeter far as wise men know

Spring from the woodland vine


No need for bowl or silver spoon,

Sugar or spice or cream,

Has the wild berry picked in June

By the trickling stream


The Title of Poet fragment by Robert Graves


Poets are guardians

Of a shadowy island

With granges and forests

Warmed by the Moon.


Womanís Song fragment by Edward Shanks


No more against my bosom press thee,

Seek no more that my hands caress thee,

Leave the sad lips thou hast known so well;

If to my heart thou lean thine ear

There grieving thou shalt only hear

Vain murmuring of an empty shell.